Feb 13 to 28 1933

February 13, 1933 Monday
Marjorie came and took me to Arlington Heights and I went in to Mary’s. [illegible]

February 14, 1933 Tuesday
Polly took me to Disp. And I saw Dr. Burke. He’s as nice. Went to see Helen Hayes. Did shopping. Went out to Marjorie’s and she took me home.

February 15, 1933 Wednesday
Warm today but a [?] wind. X Mardie’s cold is better.

February 16, 1933 Thursday
Took Mardie out today. His cold is better but mine is worse. Gordon and Phil were here tonight.

February 17, 1933 Friday
All our colds are better. It was very warm today above 40. Meet Mrs Young every afternoon.

February 18, 1933 Saturday
Marden didn’t work so we cleaned house. Very warm today. F.S. has a cold. But Marden’s, Mardie’s and my colds are better.

February 19, 1933 Sunday
Had neuraljia in my face and took six pills. Was all right. Barbara came up to play with Mardie.

February 20, 1933 Monday
Marden didn’t work today. I worked but we were lazy the rest of the day. Warmer today and rained.

February 21, 1933 Tuesday
Marden went to work today. F.S. has the cold now, and I have had a headache since Sunday a.m.

February 22, 1933 Wednesday
I still have a headache and feel so light headed. I don’t know how long I will stand it.

February 23, 1933 Thursday
F.S. groaned all nite and all day. Went over to see Mrs Wall but she was gone. She came to see me later.

February 24, 1933 Friday
F.S. groaned all nite and all day. Went to Vera’s this a.m. Marjorie was here when I came home.

February 25, 1933 Saturday
F.S. groaned all nite and all day and Marden went for Dr. Blaney. F.S. has no self control. Gordon came tonight.

February 26, 1933 Sunday
Morton came this a.m. F.S. admits he’s better, thank heavens. Snowed all nite and all day, three feet deep.

February 27, 1933 Monday
Marden worked again in morning but not this after. Snow very deep. F.S. still groaning, can’t stand it. Marjorie here this a.m.

February 28, 1933 Tuesday
Went to Tadmuck Club today. Went with Mrs Wall and sat with her. Mrs Ferguson was hostess. Sat at a little table with Mrs Derby and an unknown. Walked home with Mrs Derby. Marjorie came while I was gone. High winds N.W. blowing. F.S. still groaning. He has no self-control, is impossible.


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