Dec 4 to Dec 20 1932

December 4, 1932 Sunday
Went for a new walk in the woods. It was beautiful!

December 5, 1932 Monday
Washed. Marjorie and Marilyn came over this after. Marilyn is so pretty and sweet!

December 6, 1932 Tuesday
Went to library. Stayed up to hear Ed Wynn.

December 7, 1932 Wednesday
Took Mardie to the church tonight to a movie. Rin Tin Tin and Felix the Cat. Mardie took it all in.

December 8, 1932 Thursday
Went to the wrestling matches in Lowell. Saw some good wrestling but didn’t see Andy.

December 9, 1932 Friday
Went for a walk in the woods. Lovely. Cleaned upstairs. X

December 10, 1932 Saturday
First snow of the season fell tonight. Santa Claus can come with his sleigh.

December 11, 1932 Sunday
Mary and Polly came out today. We all took a long walk in the snow to the woods. Had some [???].

December 12, 1932 Monday
More snow and a lot. Roads slippery. Cold.

December 14, 1932 Wednesday
Went to Boston in snow today. Went to Drs. And did Xmas shopping. Came home in snow storm.

December 15, 1932 Thursday
F.S. went to a lecture and Marden and Chester went to Boston to Andy’s wrestling match so I was alone. Cold.

December 16, 1932 Friday
3 above this A.M. and 10 above at noon. Cold all day but Marden worked. Washed.

December 17, 1932 Saturday
6 below this morn. Coldest of the year and colder than all last winter.

December 18, 1932 Sunday
Marden, Mardie and I went out in the woods to get a Xmas tree. Found two good ones. Mardie likes Xmas.

December 19, 1932 Monday
Washed and mixed up Xmas cookies. Marden helped.

December 20, 1932 Tuesday
Made Xmas cookies and mixed up gingerbread men. Marden helped. Listened to Ed Wynn tonight.

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    “Mardie likes Xmas.”


  2. DaD’s avatar

    Yes, he sure did! He was the only kid in the family and he got all the presents. Goodie Gooodie!


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