Dec 21 1932 to Jan 5 1933

December 21, 1932 Wednesday
Went to Lowell today and did Xmas shopping. Got some wonderful ?? for Mardie. Mardie saw Santa Claus.

December 22, 1932 Thursday
Took some ginger bread men and cats over to Mrs. Derby this after. She liked them.

December 23, 1932 Friday
Have had packages from Father, Cecile, and Mary. Nellie gave us presents too.

December 24, 1932 Saturday
Mardie hung up his stocking tonight and we trimmed the Xmas tree. Mary and Andy came and we had oysters.

December 25, 1932 Sunday
Mardie went in the parlor this morning with his eyes shut, then stared at the presents a long time and then fell over in a mock faint. We did well!! Went to Marjorie’s for dinner and saw [illegible] at the [illegible].

December 26, 1932 Monday
Cooked a swell turkey dinner and then drove into Andy’s. Saw the wrestling tonight.

December 27, 1932 Tuesday
Marcia and Horace called on us today, and Marjorie, Marilyn and Mrs. Johnson.

December 28, 1932 Wednesday
Warmer weather lately. Walked down in the woods today.

December 29, 1932 Thursday
I feel awfully tired lately. Can’t get enough sleep.

December 30, 1932 Friday
Took Janice and Barbara down in the woods. Started to rain. Warmer tonight.

December 31, 1932 Saturday
57 above this a.m. but it got colder all day today. New Years comes in tonight but I was in bed.

January 1, 1933 Sunday
F.S. went to Cousins and didn’t come back tonight. Marden, Mardie and I went for a walk in the woods. Tired!

January 2, 1933 Monday
Alone with Mardie all day but F.S. came home tonight. Mary and Andy have gone to St. Louis.

January 3, 1933 Tuesday
Warm today. I like it warm. Went to the library and Miss Day gave me books for F.S. and Mardie.

January 4, 1933 Wednesday
Warm today. Above 50. Just like Spring.

January 5, 1933 Thursday
Have written thank you letters to Father, Aunt Viola, Cecile, and Mary.


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