Aug 29 to Sept 17 1932

August 29, 1932
Sat out on the common with Frances and Frieda. Mardie played with the children.

August 30, 1932
The Cobbs came. Went to Boston. We all stayed all night with Mary. Tomorrow’s eclipse.

August 31, 1932
Marden had test for thyroid today. Saw the eclipse on the esplanade. Got quite dark and cold. Wonderful. Had good time in Boston. Letter from Don and Father.

September 1, 1932
Ruth, Dwight, and J. Kilborn called on us tonight. Made me want to get back to Cuba. Mardie had a leg ache. Letter from Berta.

September 2, 1932
Mr. Derby brought us a big basket of peaches.

September 3, 1932
Picked veg. this after as I do every day.

September 9, 1932 Friday
Went to Boston today. Mardie gained 9 lbs since he was in hospital.

September 10, 1932 Saturday
Father Seavey went to camp with Marjorie and Johnny today.

September 11, 1932 Sunday
Ruth and Dwight came out. Played croquet and ate.

September 12, 1932 Monday
Alone with Mardie and Marden.

September 13, 1932 Tuesday
F.S. came home tonight.

September 14, 1932 Wednesday
Went to see Vera today to plan food for camp.

September 16, 1932 Friday
Rained steady all day. Chester and Marden bought a chicken for camp.

September 17, 1932 Saturday
Went to camp with B’s [Burnham’s] today. It’s great up here. Our family slept on the porch. Had a big feed and played rummy.

  1. zgirl’s avatar


    Wow. I love that.

  2. DaD’s avatar

    Yup, Mr. Derby was just down the street, next house beyond where the famous Bradleys lived. I guess people helped out one another more in those days, or maybe everyone was poor — it was the depression. Mr. Derby died sometime in the late 1930s I think. I have a vagues recollection of him.


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