Info on probiotics efficacy

Nye has sent me some copies of pages from Swanson Health Products. He suggests that “pro-biotic” products would help my digestion. That’s good because I think I do need help there! So, after reading the material he sent I thought I’d do an Internet search on the efficacy of probiotics in general.

Here’s the first one I found that might be interesting: HiTech Magazine Sept-Oct 2004

Here’s another link; this is calling for guidelines: Guidelines Click on the PDF or the HTML box at this site.

Here’s a recent study from the same source. They want $55 plus tax for the book but it contains a lot of independent scientific studies. Also, there are detailed chapter summaries. Hot Topic

  1. zgirl’s avatar

    Oh, just take the damn stuff.
    It’s harmless. Don’t need to read all that crap!
    No pun intended.

  2. zDaDzio’s avatar

    Yes, zgirl, perhaps I should just trust the reports and go ahead and take the damn stuff. But ya know what? I don’t need to read all that crap. On the other hand, better to read it than to do it, especially if it’s going to be especially crappy?

  3. Mardy’s avatar

    Hello, Nye? Are you there? Hello?

    Yes, I know, it’s boring. The stuff I linked to. But if one wants to understand scientifically….

    Oh well, as zgirl says, why not just take the damn stuff and not beat it to death?

    Anyway, Hello? Nye? Are you there? Where’s Nye???????


  4. zgirl’s avatar

    “On the other hand, better to read it than to do it, especially if it’s going to be especially crappy?”

    WHAT? make no sense.

  5. DaDzio’s avatar

    Yah, that’s right. I guess that sentence makes no sense.
    I’m not sure what Mardy was trying to get at there. Ah well, just ignore it!

  6. DaDzio’s avatar

    Wait a minute! It wasn’t Mardy that said that, it was zDaDzio. I’m sorry Mardy. I’ll have to tell that zDaDzio to start making sense.


  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Sorry, ???????, I can’t read Roumanian. Thanks for the link for those who can. I see there’s a catalog there of some kind. Probably products for sale? Well, ???????, I think you’ll have trouble finding customers from my obscure blog. 😉


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